Red deer increase triggers interspecific competition causing a numeric decline in Alpine chamois

Corlatti, L., Bonardi, A., Bragalanti, N. and Pedrotti, L. (2019), Long‐term dynamics of Alpine ungulates suggest interspecific competition. Journal of Zoology, vol. 309, pp. 241-249. Despite being the most abundant mountain-dwelling ungulate of Europe, some chamois (Rupicapra spp.) populations have recently showed a numeric decline. How is it possible that this goat-antelope, so well adapted... Continue Reading →

Winner of the 2018 Journal of Zoology ‘Paper of the Year’ award: Early environmental conditions affect the volume of higher-order brain centers in a jumping spider

We congratulate the winners of the 2018 Journal of Zoology 'Paper of the Year' award Philip Steinhoff, Jannis Liedtke, Andy Sombke, Jutta Schneider and Gabriele Uhl, at the University of Greifswald and University of Hamburg, with their excellent paper entitled 'Early environmental conditions affect the volume of higher order brain centers in a jumping spider'.... Continue Reading →

Obituary: Tim Halliday 1945-2019

Timothy Richard Halliday, 73, a zoologist, conservationist and artist, died on 10th April 2019, after a long illness caused by lymphoma, in Oxford, England.  Tim Halliday was one of the fathers of the study of sexual selection and a leading light in amphibian conservation, he was also a talented illustrator and will be sorely missed... Continue Reading →

Staying young and fit? Ontogenetic and phylogenetic consequences of animal anhydrobiosis

Kaczmarek, Ł. , Roszkowska, M. , Fontaneto, D. , Jezierska, M. , Pietrzak, B. , Wieczorek, R. , Poprawa, I. , Kosicki, J. Z., Karachitos, A. and Kmita, H. (2019), Staying young and fit? Ontogenetic and phylogenetic consequences of animal anhydrobiosis. Journal of Zoology, Anhydrobiosis is commonly defined as desiccation tolerance that denotes the... Continue Reading →

Long legs in baby mouse lemurs compensate for their physiological immaturity

Boulinguez‐Ambroise, G. , Zablocki‐Thomas, P. , Aujard, F. , Herrel, A. and Pouydebat, E. (2019), Ontogeny of food grasping in mouse lemurs: behavior, morphology and performance. Journal of Zoology, vol. 308, pp. 1-8. The stars of the study by Boulinguez-Ambroise and colleagues are tiny, furry and large-eyed critters: the grey mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus).... Continue Reading →

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