What drives variability in kangaroo milk composition?

Size, season and offspring sex affect milk composition and juvenile survival in wild kangaroos Louise Quesnel, Allison MacKay, David M. Forsyth, Kevin R. Nicholas, and Marco Festa-Bianchet   Maternal care in mammals has long interested biologists. Evolutionary ecologists hope to better understand the adaptive mechanisms underlying lactation, including what causes differences in milk provisioning, including... Continue Reading →

Puma predation of dangerous prey

Stage-dependent puma predation on dangerous prey L.M. Elbroch, J Feltner, and H.B. Quigley; Journal of Zoology, Volume 302, Issue 3, Pages 164-170, July 2017   I found the fresh footprints of a subadult male puma not one mile from the typically bustling headquarters of the High Lonesome Ranch in western Colorado, USA. But it was... Continue Reading →

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