Editor Spotlight – Gabriele Uhl

Gabriele UhlI am delighted to be taking on the role of Senior Editor for invertebrates for the Journal of Zoology. My group has been working for many years mainly in the field of reproductive biology and sexual selection, and our focus has been on spiders. Apart from spider topics, however, we also have been involved in projects exploring aspects of genital morphology and mating strategies in beetles, odonates, heel walkers, grasshoppers and flies, just to name a few animal groups. As to methods, we have been using behavioural analysis, paternity assessment, population genetics, molecular phylogenetics, morphometrics, histology, MicroCT as well as ultrastructural analysis with SEM and TEM. Consequently, this wide approach as to taxa and methods will lay the foundations for being an editor of the Journal of Zoology, which is in itself a journal that spans all aspects of zoology, including interdisciplinary topics. Together with expert reviewers I will scrutinize the submitted original research for its scientific significance. I will strongly advertise that not only novel results will be considered for publication – submission of negative results and replication studies should also be encouraged so long as sample sizes and data analysis are convincing.

Becoming an editor for the Journal of Zoology gives me privileged insight into a wide range of fascinating research and to learn about new approaches and ideas which I am looking forward to very much.


Gabriele Uhl

Universität Greifswald

Allgemeine und Systematische Zoologie


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