New Journal of Zoology Podcast

14 03 2012

The spring 2012 episode of the Journal of Zoology podcast is now online and you can listen to it here.

In this episode, Stephen Wroe tells us about how we can predict the feeding behaviour of extinct species using Finite Element Analysis, we find out about mating strategies in amphipods from Stéphane Cornet, we hear from Gregory Rasmussen how African wild dogs change their behaviour to mitigate persecution, and Harvey Lillywhite talks about the moonlight foraging behaviour of cottonmouth snakes.

You may subscribe in iTunes to automatically receive the latest Journal of Zoology podcasts.

by Elina Rantanen




3 responses

26 03 2012

Can someone please create a feed for the podcasts so that people can subscribe to them?

27 03 2012

Thank you for the comment. You may subscribe to the Journal of Zoology podcasts in iTunes:
This link has now been added to the blog post.

27 03 2012

Thanks, at least Apple customers can subscribe. Hopefully an RSS feed is in development.

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