Journal of Zoology in the news

In line with the journal’s aim to publish innovative research in the field of zoology, several of the articles published in the journal over the last year have received considerable press coverage.

The journal was in the news in 2009 for shrinking polar bears (featured on the BBC website), newts with bizarre anti-predator behavior (on the BBC website) and reasons for the giraffe’s long neck (on the BBC website) to highlight a few. The most widely reported story last year, however, covered a more sinister topic – sharks hunting their victims like serial killers. This article, written by Richard Martin, D. Kim Rossmo and Neil Hammerschlag, was featured in the Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun, BBC and New Scientist.

A bumblebee worker. © Dr Klaus Schmitt, Weinheim,
A bumblebee worker. © Dr Klaus Schmitt, Weinheim,

So far this year, the most widely featured article was Rachel Grant and Tim Halliday’s paper on toads “predicting” seismic activity. The article was reported in The Daily ExpressBBC, The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror among others. Other articles from the journal which featured in the news this year were about how bumblebee colours may not be what warns predators to keep away (on the BBC website) and mysterious “monastic” bats from Madagascar (also on the BBC website). With many more interesting articles being published online every week, be sure you don’t miss out on the next story by visiting the journal homepage to sign up for new content alerts.

by Anne Braae

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